June 13-24, 2011, Pastor Arthur Craig went to Ukraine to work with the Ukrainian Deaf Churches. He preached in Deaf and hearing churches, taught and preached in Deaf youth camps and Deaf Clubs. He was involved with fellowship and training of Ukrainian Deaf leaders. Some time was spent at the Deaf Center in Kiev that was destroyed by fire a couple of years ago. Many of you donated towards rebuilding this Center.  Other groups from Southern Baptist Deaf churches have traveled to Ukraine to help.

Woodhaven’s Associate Pastor, Jim Dermon went to Ukraine in April with a group of four deaf men to install windows and finish the interior.

Pray for Oleg as he continues to direct this rebuilding process. He has taken a full time secular job in order to support his family during this process.

The Ukrainian Deaf leadership is doing an outstanding job in the continued development of Deaf Missions all across Ukraine and beyond. The Deaf Church in Rivne is sending out trained Deaf leaders to start new Deaf house churches in a half dozen new cities. They are even sending Deaf missionaries out to other countries including Russia, Germany, and Moldova. When explained to the Ukrainians that the Deaf population in America is less that 1% Christian, they tell me, "

Oh!  We need to send Ukrainian Deaf Missionaries to America!  The Americans said, "Amen!"

Every year we see many decisions for Christ in Ukraine, especially among the young people. Words cannot express our appreciation for your faithful prayers and financial support. Again, this year we will be raising support for the Deaf Camps.

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