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I was reminded this past weekend that many people in our world live in constant fear of harm or death. Recently A team of four, from Woodhaven, went to the Valley for the weekend mission trip. The pastor in McAllen made plans for us to cross the border into Renosa Mexico on Saturday morning to share the gospel with a group of Deaf men, women and children. We were unaware that the Drug Cartel is mostly in control of the entire city. There have been over 50,000 murders along the Mexican American border in the last ten years. However, we were assured that we would be safe since we would park on the American side and walk across. There we were met by another local pastor who would take care of us and drive us by van to our destination. It was obvious that we were being watched as we crossed the bridge into Mexico. We were doing the Lord’s work so that means we were okay, right?

After sharing the gospel with twenty five Deaf people through drama and other visuals we went to lunch with the pastor. Over lunch, I had cold chills as he explained to me how the people of Renosa live in fear everyday of being murdered, kidnapped, raped, tortured, forced to fight in their army, or sold in sex trade . Thousands are missing. I was “bug eyed” as he told me that he must keep a working relationship with these Cartels. Meaning that they approve of what he is doing to help the poor. When American groups come in to work with the deaf he calls to let them know they are coming and what they will be doing. They promise to help if others cause trouble. That meant that the Cartel knew we were there. Whoa! We were all relieved when finally we crossed safely back into America, the greatest country on God’s earth!

The Bible tells us in Matthew 10:28; “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

Our passion for souls must supersede any and all fear that may come our way. Amen!

Arthur Craig


Mexico Mission Trip 2009

By Dan Mustain

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for the Mexico Mission Trip. It was hot, hard work, but God allowed us to accomplish our goals. Originally, there were approximately 15 people planning to go on a 10-day trip to build a stage, do some remodeling, and painting. Well, due to the economy, violence from drug cartels, and swine flu concerns, only three of us made the trip. I did not realize that the stage would contain a baptistery. It was quite a bit of work but we were able to finish the stage and the baptistery while we were there. Our trip was also shortened to 7 days. I’m very thankful that no one was injured lifting the heavy cinder blocks, building the platform, or mixing the concrete. Next year I plan to go back. We need to add a second floor to the pastor’s house. I also need some very strong people to go with me to carry cinder block, cement, rock, and dirt up to the second floor. Please contact me if you are interested. God saves us for good works and it is a blessing to help other brothers and sisters in Christ reach Deaf people.

Mexico Mission Trip — 2008

On June 16-18, Arthur Craig, Dan Mustain, Larrie Lister, and Dennis Prescott went to the Texas / Mexico border to explore new missionary outreach opportunities. They visited 2 Christian deaf schools. One was in Reynosa, Mexico and the other was in Rio Bravo, Mexico. It was good to visit these schools and meet the children. Mexico is a very poor country. The school system in Mexico has no special education. The deaf are mainstreamed with no interpreters. Praise the Lord the Mexican government allows these Christian Deaf Schools. These schools need our prayers and support. They need all kinds of school supplies and other building materials. It is wonderful that Jesus loves all the children in the world. Jesus gives real change to people. Through Jesus, these deaf students can actually learn about reading, sign language, math, and Jesus. These school are making a difference in Mexico. Please pray for more Christian Deaf Schools to be established. If you want to help with school supplies, please contact Dan Mustain for more information.